Monday, September 14, 2009

McKeough desk - design by C. Mckeough

This desk is a beautiful custom built-in that lives in Mahattan. The desk is constructed out of solid wenge and wenge veneered mdf and plywood. All of the wenge has been bleached and white-washed created a very interesting and unique finish. The hardware has been chemically blackened and the shelves above were lacquered in a charcoal color. The bottom shelf has an integrated led strip light.

This desk is actually a entry console that doubles as a his and hers desk, with each person getting their own compartment for their laptops to live. On the underside of both main lift-up panels there is a cork-backed fabric panel to pin messages and drawings to. The smaller lift-up compartments on the far left and right of the desk both house cords, while the compartment on the left has an integrated Tolomeo desk lamp. Finally there is a continous power-strip, blackened, in the rear inside of the entire desk providing several outlets for the clients hardware.


Tybee media cabinet

This site specific media cabinet is made out of solid douglas fir and douglas fir veneered plywood. The doors are frame and panel construction, with the panels being made out of 1/4" hardware cloth. This cabinet was designed house electronics and to have a T.V. on top. The "beach" piece sits amongst an awesome view of the beach and the Savannah river as it makes it way out to the Atlantic ocean.

Solid walnut "Commrade" desk

This desk is made almost entirely out of solid walnut with a little bit of plywood and formica (the red). There are finger joints on the legs, mortise and tenon throughout, and hand-cut dovetails on the drawers. It was fun to do a project using non-commercial production techniques.


Hello all,

Welcome to my blog,"The sawdust chronicle". I might talk here and there about what I do and the things I get to create. I'll get a little process nerdy here and there too (woodshop geeks unite!). Anyhow I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to inquire if you need something just perfect for your place, I'd be happy to give it a go.



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Brooklyn, NY