Monday, September 14, 2009

McKeough desk - design by C. Mckeough

This desk is a beautiful custom built-in that lives in Mahattan. The desk is constructed out of solid wenge and wenge veneered mdf and plywood. All of the wenge has been bleached and white-washed created a very interesting and unique finish. The hardware has been chemically blackened and the shelves above were lacquered in a charcoal color. The bottom shelf has an integrated led strip light.

This desk is actually a entry console that doubles as a his and hers desk, with each person getting their own compartment for their laptops to live. On the underside of both main lift-up panels there is a cork-backed fabric panel to pin messages and drawings to. The smaller lift-up compartments on the far left and right of the desk both house cords, while the compartment on the left has an integrated Tolomeo desk lamp. Finally there is a continous power-strip, blackened, in the rear inside of the entire desk providing several outlets for the clients hardware.


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